Getting Left on Delivered

If you don’t genuinely want to hold a conversation with someone DON’T TEXT THEM! I hate People who love to waste people’s time! People have other stuff to do and other people who won’t waste their time for people that want to waste your time to WASTE IT!

-Agency J


Moving On

Have you ever had a relationship where you never thought you would get over them? I honestly thought I would never get over my first serious relationship but I can honestly say after 2 years I am now (idk why it took so long but it did). I’m with this guy at the moment that makes me feel so great about myself. He never brings me down and he always knows how to make me laugh. He is the first guy I’ve ever felt so comfortable around so fast. I don’t know if we’ll last but right now I don’t care because right now I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

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– Agency C

Friendship Challenges

Well, my friend found out the love of her life had sex with a girl he said was so dramatic and ugly. It hurt me when I heard it so I know she had to be heartbroken when she heard it .. (from me)

I was so conflicted as to whether or not I should tell her because she is my Bestfriend but I absolutely HATE being in drama. So would I be deemed as fake for keeping it from her or would I be messy for telling her! Ugh .. I couldn’t let my bestfriend go on feeling like she was the only person in her relationship making mistakes, so I had to tell her because that’s what a good friend would do .. right?

Well if it wasn’t for me finding out what I know, my bestfriend would have NEVER found out about this. He would have never told her and she would be clueless forever so basically what’s done in the dark will come to light but you just don’t know how it will come to light.. in this situation, God needed me to reveal what’s been done in the dark to my bestfriend to set her conscious free of guilt from the sins she has committed in their relationship… but as of right now .. yes she is HEARTBROKEN💔

Agency J.


Being a senior in high school is so bitter sweet. I want to cherish this year but then again I just wanna be done. I know I need to be focused but I have senioritis bad. I’m not really trying in my classes. If I wanted to, I could finish with an A but I’m just settling with a B or C. I know it’s bad but I honestly just wanna be done already.

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Love Agency C

Be Safe This Thanksgiving!

The Holidays are here! Please be safe and take precaution when traveling and being in public. During the holidays more police are out and about so check your speed and be aware that there may be drunk drivers on the road, and they may cause serious car wrecks. DO NOT drink and drive. UBER is very affordable and a 15-20 minute drive is around $15-20 dollars. Also drive safe! Last year my dad crashed his brand new car ON Thanksgiving day, that’s no way to want to spend your holiday! If you need any other advice don’t be afraid to email us!


  • Love Agency J 😉 


Good Morning Everyone!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Time to spend time with family and friends and maybe even bring your girlfriend or boyfriend along to meet your family for the first time! Well if you’re unfortunate like me , my family members ask a TON of questions! “Where is your boyfriend? How is school? You still don’t have your driver’s licenses? Why you getting thick? Who did your hair?” UGH lol just let me eat in peace. I’m actually excited because I always bring my friend (she’s a Mexican) with me to my grandma’s house because she doesn’t have family members or anybody to cook food, but this year my ex/still my boo is coming with us!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Who are you least excited to see this year?

Do you have any plans this Thanksgiving?

Are you going Black Friday Shopping?


– Agency J

Sore Throat

Winter Season is approaching, which means cold and flu season. Feeling like you just swallowed 50 knives all at once is the absolute worst. Here’s 3 simple steps with home remedies to help.

First: Tea

  • Make a fresh pot of tea and add honey. This helps sooths your throat especially when having trouble swallowing and coughing.
  • Second: Hot Bath
    Get into a hot bath. This helps open your air way and chest.
    Add some bath salts or bath bomb for relaxation.

  • Third: Meds & Bed
    After the bath, take the right amount of Ibuprofen.
    After doing so, just simple lay down and rest.